Client Comments

Recent comments from Clients who have completed the course


  • I was dreading it !! Now I am very glad I took part and feel I have gained useful information that I can add to improve my driving in the future....Thank you.
  • Excellent presentation - good, clear information - everyone helpful and friendly.
  • An excellent way to generally improve your driving skills, identify weak points and work on them. Everyone should be made to do these courses, they would make the roads much safer.
  • I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed and benefited from attending the course. Thank you for the time and consideration given to me on the course.
  • The course has widened my knowledge of driving and has helped me to be amore competent and observant driver.
  • Excellent, clear instruction and some very thought provoking information given.
  • Interesting Course - Not at all boring as I had thought it was going to be... well presented.
  • Attending the course has made me think about my driving a lot more...excellent course... glad I attended.
  • The course was extremely useful with plenty of information on actual improvements to your driving, rather than impractical text book ideas. 
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