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About Us

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About Us
The Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership includes Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Primary Care Trust, the Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty’s Courts Service and Highways England.
Improving road safety must always be a priority, the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership aims to provide a coherent, strategic approach to help local authorities, agencies and other stakeholders reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads by working together to ensure the partnership objectives are achieved.
The partnership objectives are:
  • To improve road safety and contribute to the achievement of national and local targets to reduce the number of people and children killed or seriously injured in road collisions.

  • To reduce the level of road safety collisions and casualties in deprived areas.

  • To improve road and community safety, particularly for the most vulnerable users of the transport network.

  • To work closely with the local authorities, agencies and other stakeholders to develop a co-ordinated approach and solutions to problems through the delivery of joint road safety projects, and the exchange of information on best practice, development and best value for money.

  • To produce road safety educational resources and high profile campaigns to raise awareness to create safer road user behaviour.
The Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership's work also links to the objectives of the ‘Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan' and relates to a co-ordinated approach to road safety initiatives adopted by the ten local authorities in Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority.
The Data Solutions Department (TfGM) analyse collision and casualty data in a number of ways to determine where collisions occur, the resultant casualties, why they happen and where high collisions sites exist. Trends over three year to five year or sometimes even longer periods are examined and particular groups of road user are considered in greater detail to help formulate action plans for future road safety projects.
There were 3073 reported injury collisions on the road network of Greater Manchester during 2015, resulting in 4320 casualties.
Full details of Greater Manchester 2015 Road Casualty Statistics can be found on Greater Manchester Reported Road Accidents we​bsite. Details for 2016 will be made available later this year:​
The challenge for the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership is to ensure that all of the different contributors to road safety work well together, to create a safer road environment and safer road user behaviour, if we are to be successful in reducing the number of casualties on our roads and to meet the local and national projection to 2020.