Prosecution Information

    Prosecution Information

    In all cases if you have received documentation from the Police concerning either a speeding or a red light offence you will be invited to view details of your offence online by visiting

    Using the information exactly as shown on your notice including the secure Pin number provided, you will be able to access information relating to the alleged offence being processed. This is not a general information website and is designed to provide the recipient of any documentation from the Police to access online information relating to that specific issue.

    Greater Manchester Police acknowledges the value of Diversionary Training in preference to fixed penalty or prosecution through the courts in respect of certain types of offence and within set criteria.

    If you are eligible for a diversionary training course, you will be offered one in self-explanatory correspondence, which will be sent out too. The courses are offered entirely at the discretion of Greater Manchester Police and there is no facility to apply for, or request, a course in lieu of prosecution. All cases are considered against fixed criteria, which ensures fairness and consistency in dealings with alleged offenders.

    If you receive a conditional offer or fixed penalty or a court summons without the option of a diversionary training course, you are either ineligible or the circumstances of the alleged offence are outside the prescribed criteria.

    If you do receive a course offer, the details in the correspondence will guide you though the registration and payment process.

    Q - Can I get away with speeding because I drive a company car?

    A - No, the NIP will be sent to the company and it is then the responsibility of the company to inform us who was driving at the time of the offence.

    Q - I am a company car driver, who will pay?

    A - Unless your employers are very generous, it will be the driver themselves who pay the fine and receive the penalty points.

    Q - Are the rules different for new drivers?

    A - Yes. drivers who passed their test less than two years ago, will only be allowed to accumulate 6 points (instead of 12) before they have their licence taken off them. They then cannot have it back until they have re-passed both their theory and practical driving tests.

    Q - Are speeding fines not just another back door tax?
    A - Not at all, the only people who pay these fines are the motorists who are speeding. For everyone else who sticks under or to the limit, no fines will ever apply.