Red Light

Click on the image to the left to see how the Red Light camera works.

Red light cameras are used throughout the Greater Manchester area at junctions and pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights. The cameras are there to prevent drivers from passing through when the lights are on red and are not active when the lights show green or amber and are only used where there is a history of collision caused by drivers ignoring the signal. Since the signal alone indicates the legal requirement to stop, red light cameras do not have to be made conspicuous.

  • Sensors in the road after the stop line activate when the traffic lights turn red.
  • If a vehicle passes the live sensors two photographs are taken. This checks whether the vehicle stopped.

The cameras themselves are rotated among the housings, allowing us to target resources where they are most needed and provide best coverage of the road network. It is safest to assume that any camera can be live at any time.

The Police have discretion to undertake red light enforcement anywhere within the Greater Manchester area, activity which is separate to and not funded by or through the Partnership, and not subject to the Partnership's scrunity or protocols. 

Compliance with these protocols and procedures has no bearing upon enforcement of offences detected by the use of the safety cameras, and non-compliance with them by the Partnership or representative of the Partnership does not provide any mitigation or defence for an alleged offence committed under current UK law.