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Background to the National Speed Awareness Course

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The national Speed Awareness Course allows the Police to give low-end speeding motorists the opportunity to attend a driver re-education course.

A driver who is detected driving at the speed identified as suitable (and who has not previously attended a similar course within a 3 year period), will be offered a course as an alternative to paying a £60 Fixed Penalty and receiving penalty points on their driving licence.

The course fee payable is currently £79.00 in Merseyside (but may vary throughout the country), for the 4-hour course. This fee is payable prior to attending. The Course is delivered by specialist Department for Transport Approved Driving Instructors. The course is a combination of listening to information and group discussion.

After attending and successfully completing the course, no further action will be taken for this particular incident. Details of the course completion is recorded and held on a national database. If the driver is involved in another speeding offence falling under the same criteria within 3 years of the originial offence, a second course will not be offered in lieu of proceedings.

Once a driver has accepted the offer to attend a course but then fails to attend or successfully complete, the case would then be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service and ultimately be dealt with by the Magistrates Court.

A list of areas offering the scheme can be found on the NADIP website.

Clients on a Speed Awareness Course
A group of clients on a Speed Awareness Course



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