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Road Safety Information


Road Safety Information

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Road Safety Information


The Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership has a long-term commitment to making fundamental changes in the public’s attitude towards road safety and their behaviour.
Drivesafe, the marketing name for the Casualty Reduction Partnership, delivers a programme of publicity and campaigns targeting the key road safety issues and road user groups identified by statistical analysis of KSI (Killed and Seriously Injured) figures.
The Partnership objectives are:

  • To improve road safety and contribute to the achievement of national and local targets to reduce the number of people and children killed or seriously injured in road collisions

  • To reduce the level of road safety collisions and casualties in deprived areas

  • To improve road and community safety, particularly for the most vulnerable users of the transport network

  • To work closely with the local authorities, agencies and other stakeholders to develop a co-ordinated approach and solutions to problems through the delivery of joint road safety projects, and the exchange of information on best practice, development and best value for money

  • To produce road safety educational resources and high profile campaigns to raise awareness to create safer road user behaviour