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Speed Awareness 20


Client Comments

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Client Comments
Recent comments from clients who have completed the course:
  • Very helpful and informative and probably much more productive than points and prosecution.
  • The Trainers kept the course interesting but light-hearted.
  • The Speed Awareness Course has made me more aware of the speed limits and the speed at which I now drive.
  • An excellent course, should be compulsory for everyone to attend regardless of how fast they were travelling.
  • The course was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated - I was expecting a telling off !
  • I found the course both understanding and instructive, friendly presenters, an excellent course.
  • Very good course, brings home the consequences of speeding.
  • Understanding Trainers - not patronising. Excellent throughout.
  • I found all aspects of the course very helpful - like a refresher course - especially driving for so many years you get into bad driving habits.

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