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Taxi Driver Assessments


Taxi Driver Assessment

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To become a taxi (or private hire) driver most local authorities require you to take a Taxi Driver Assessment. 

Before booking an assessment please refer to your local authority guidelines as these are different for each council area and they each have different criteria.

DriveSafe is authorised to conduct the Taxi Driver Assessment for the following Local Authorities:

  • Bolton Council
  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

The assessment costs £80.

The assessment involves:

  • Driving licence and identity check
  • Standard eyesight test
  • Vehicle road-worthiness check
  • Drive including urban, rural and where possible motorway
  • A parking exercise
  • A taxi manoeuvre 
  • Highway Code questions
  • ‘Cabology’ questions

The assessment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

During the driving assessment the examiner is looking to ensure the candidate fulfils the criteria that follows. The candidate must be able to carry out all required driving skills consistently and without any prompting.

The pass / fail criteria is:

  • Pass:  Maximum of 9 driving faults

  • Fail:    More than 9 driving faults or 1 serious/dangerous faults

There are 3 types of faults:

  • Driving Fault - this isn’t potentially dangerous, but if the candidate keeps making the same fault, it could become a serious fault. Examples: hesitating at a junction, signaling too late, poor positioning or limited mirror use.

  • Serious Fault - something potentially dangerous. Recorded when a potentially dangerous incident has occurred or a regular driving fault shows a serious weakness in the candidate's driving.

  • Dangerous Fault - this involves actual danger to the candidate, the examiner, the public or property.